[NRVR-Launches] Big Two Day, High Power Rocket Launch, Here in Blacksburg, Saturday Sept 10th + Sunday!

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Thu Aug 18 22:03:35 CDT 2011

Hey there Fellow Rocketeers!
NRV Rocketry (NRVR.ORG) and our Shenandoah Valley brethren  (VAST) will be 
holding an all-day Sport Launch on Saturday, September 10th, from 10:00 am to 
6:00 pm -- and then the following day (Sunday) we're having a TRA 
Research Launch from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. This is all at the Virgina Tech 
Kentland Farms, 11 miles SW of downtown Blacksburg.      
	Map/Directions: http://tinyurl.com/kentland-site1 

Launch Details:
Saturday is a Sport Launch, open to anyone who wishes to fly and will be 
a great opportunity to see LOTS of rockets fly (or fly your own), ranging in 
size from small, classic model rockets to great big high power and 10-12 

Then the next day, Sunday, is a special Research Launch for TRA/Tripoli-only 
members (18 yrs and older) -- as these launches will mainly consists of 
larger, more complex or non-certified or unconventional motor designs that 
have tighter safety controls in affect.
While we have FAA clearance for launches up to 8,000 feet both days (thanks 
VAST!), we request that any high power launches expected to clear 6,000 feet 
or flying over a K sized motor, please contact the NRVR RSO (email: rso at 
nrvr dot org) in advance of the launch to guarantee you can safely fly and 
recover your bird.

Due to misc costs of the launch, insurance, and TRA support, those flying will 
need to pay a small launch fee to cover these costs. The fee schedule for each 
day are:
Kids/Students/Spectators are Free
G motor launches and Below - $5/day 
H motor launches and up - $10/day ($15/whole-weekend)

Field Launch Conditions:
While the fields at Kentland farms are spacious, if you expect to fly over 
2,000 feet, we might recommend a dual deploy chute configuration to bring your 
rocket down not too far away. Also, due to maturing adjoining corn fields we 
may (or may not) have to contend with, tracking systems and/or audible 
beacons are highly recommended at this point. We will try and keep you from 
losing your rockets by having dedicated people doing tracking for the fliers.  
Also, depending upon field conditions that weekend, "sparky motors" may or may 
not be allowed.  

Level 1 & 2 Certification flights (Tripoli or NAR card carrying members) can 
be done on the Saturday or Sunday Launch with advance notice to the NRVR RSO 
(email: rso at nrvr dot org), but please give as much advance notice as 
possible. Also let us know what motor size you need so we can ensure our 
vendors will have it on hand come launch day. 

Spectators are also welcome to attend and watch the activities (bring a 
blanket or chairs!).  Our launch-day sponsor, Rackspace hosting, is 
providing both porta-potty services on site, as well as hamburgers, hot dogs, 
drinks, and vegetarian eats, free for everyone! (Thanks Rackspace!)

Overnight Accommodations:
We have negotiated a 23% discount off the $129 room rate (for $99) at the 
local Holiday Inn.  They will hold the rooms under the discount 
name, "VAST/NRVR Rocket Launch" that you can get by calling their front desk:

(540-552-7001 in zip 24060), or by simply using this special reservation link:
        Motel RSVP: http://tinyurl.com/HIExpress-0909 
        (for check-in on 9/9, check-out on 9/11)

The 20+ Holiday Inn rooms will only be available through Sept 1st, so if you 
need a room, make your reservations sooner than later if you want to go that 

Since the weather is nice, and some folks were planning on camping, here is 
the camp ground that some guys said they're using:
        New River Junction Campground
        2591 Big Falls Road
        Blacksburg, VA 24060

More info, as well as full color flyers can be printed from the 
NRVR.ORG/launches page here:

And don't forget to visit the VAST forums and cool web site here:
If you have any questions, feel free to respond or ask me directly.  Hope to 
see you on the field!
Thomas Weeks
New River Valley Rocketry - Founder
p.s. Feel free to pass this along to anyone whom you think may be interested.
p.p.s. I normally am against sending HTML email, so I apologize, but there 
were just so many links and needed formatting in this email.. that I broke 
down. Sorry Monta.. ;)
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