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What We Do:

  • Founding Members
    Founding Members
    A few of the founding NRV Rocketry members from 2013.
  • VT-Rocketry
    The VT-Rocketry students and Dr. Shinpaugh preparing to launch their sounding test rocket.
  • Education
    NRVR does a lot of school & scout outreach
  • Level-2 Cert
    Level-2 Cert
    Tweeks' L2 cert flight, a Talon-3 w/38mm CTI J381-Sparky hits ~ 3,000ft.
  • The L2 Glow
    The L2 Glow
    Tweeks and Magda after their successful L2 flights.
  • Our Fearless Leader
    Our Fearless Leader
    Our TRA Prefect, Bob Schoner.
  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter
    Bob's new 11 footer.
  • Level-3 Cert
    Level-3 Cert
    Jimmy Desposito and his L3 LOC Bruiser-EXP, flying on a 75mm Aerotech M1297 !
  • Level-3 Cert
    Level-3 Cert
    Perfect flight Jimmy!


Latest News:

  • NRVR Big Summer Launch 2017! 2017-6-18 - BIG SUMMER LAUNCH 2017! When:  July 15-16, 9am-6pm Where:  Kentland Farms 5250 Whitethorne Rd. Blacksburg, VA 24060 (Private land open to the public on these dates only!) If you’re interested in flying rockets or just relaxing outside and watching some cool flights, all are welcome! New River Valley Rocketry (NRVR) is prefecture 143 of the […]
  • What is High Power Rocketry and How Do I Get Started? 2016-3-24 - This is a common question people ask once they see larger medium and High Power (HP) rockets.  There’s a lot of information to handle when first getting into HP rocketry. This FAQ-blog piece will step you through several of the key concepts of HP rocketry, provide logical steps for dipping your toe into  HP, and […]
  • Join NRVR Before Launch Season is Here! 2016-1-31 - Hey all! Launch season will be here soon after this snow melts, so get ready by signing up now! Do you want to get in to high power rocketry? Did you know you can’t fly high power unless you are a member of either our parent TRA organizatoion or the NAR? We’re here to help you […]
  • Launch CANCELLED on 1/23 2016-1-21 - I expect that weather will cut down on attendance a bit.  Next launch is Scheduled for March 26.  Also expect a large launch in April. Bob
  • Great job on the new website for NRVR 2016-1-21 - While still a work in progress, I am really excited about the new website.  It has a cleaner look and will allow more of our members to be involved.  There are features that I still need to learn about and even more tools and widgets that will be coming soon.  If there is something you […]


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