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2014-04-19 - One Day, High Power Launch at VT Kentland Farms!
One day launch at VTs Kentland Farms in Blacksburg VA for both class-1 (model) & class-2 (High Power) flights! Add the launch to your own calendar using our new calendar, more details on the launches page and up to the minute updates (the morning of the launch) on the NRVR Mail List (or for related questions).

2014-02 - February: Open Meeting and One Day High Power Launch
Our open to the public Febrary 20th meeting features various High Power NRVR members talking about what it takes to move from model and medium power rocketry into High Power! See our events calendar for more info, time, date and directions!

Also in February Saturday the 22nd, we're havingour first high power launch of the year at Kentland!! Bring your kids and rockets and come fly with us! Deails on the launches page and our new calendar for time, details and directions.

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