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This Year’s High Power Certifications!

Getting high power certified isn’t a walk in the park. But if you get yourself a NRVR mentor, get some expert advice on your high power construction, and are a registered TRA member, you too can get your high power certification and start buying bigger, badder rockets.

Here are some of our members and what they accomplished this year!

Kevin Parr before his successful level 2 flight.



Eric Patterson successful level 1 certification, with Pat Artis as mentor.


Eric and Pat back two months
later for Eric’s successful L2 flight!

Trevor worked hard to get his Level 1 certification and arrow straight flight. Tweeks as mentor.


Tweeks at the LDRS 36 launch where he got his L3 on this 5.5″ Black Brant. Here are his L3 design docs. Tweeks says, “Thanks to Pat and Bob (his TAPs) who did my review and kept me on the path to success.”


Want To Know More About High Power?

If you’re interested getting your certification, or just want to know more about high power rocketry, here’s a great blog piece on the topic!  Let the club know if you have any HPR related questions!

Updated: October 8, 2017 — 12:11 am
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