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About NRVR Club Membership:

NRV Rocketry membership is by calendar year, from Jan 1st (or enroll date) to December 31st.

The fee schedule is a flat once/year rate of:

  • Students = $5 *
  • Individual = $20
  • Family = $25

Membership benefits include:

  • Rocket vendor discounts (can pay for your membership in 1yr!)
  • A NRV Rocketry membership card
  • Access to the private, [nrvr-members] only email list (for club discussions, launch polls, rocket expert Q&A, etc)
  • Access to other, upcoming NRVR website resources.
  • Ask about lifetime membership, which also get a personalized forwarding email address if requested ( alias →to your personal email)

Want to join NRV Rocketry?  Join Here! (pdf)

Membership NOTES:

  • Annual membership dues are not prorated and are not refundable.
  • NRVR is not a registered non-profit and as such, regular membership dues can not normally be considered a tax write-off..
  • However NRVR does entertain corporate sponsorships for exchange of services (e.g. web advertising), which may be a write off for some businesses.

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