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Great job on the new website for NRVR

While still a work in progress, I am really excited about the new website.  It has a cleaner look and will allow more of our members to be involved.  There are features that I still need to learn about and even more tools and widgets that will be coming soon.  If there is something you want to see on our website, let us know!

I am going to drop a few pictures in here to share and I think that other NRVR members will be able to do the same thing, at least in a little while.  A great way to start off the new year.

DSC_1062 DSC_1075 DSC_1103 DSC_1106 DSC_1109 DSC_1145 DSC_1159 DSC_1185 DSC_1221 DSC_1052


Updated: January 21, 2016 — 1:27 pm
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